Materials & Applications

We have a vast array of knowledge when it comes to the various range of applications suitable for our portfolio of CNC routers.


The Pegasus ATC is unsurpassed when it comes to using non-ferrous metals such as, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and copper. Industries such as, Engineering, Aerospace and Marine manufacturing all benefit from our CNC routers where quality is supreme importance.

Exhibition Stands:

Our CNC routers are more than suitable in the manufacturing of exhibition stands. Using materials such as, Foamex, MDF, plastics allows the production to be carried out quickly, without losing the quality.


The Olympus and Pegasus range are highly valuable in the woodworking industry. They incease productivity, and give precision quality at all times. The 3 phase vacuum pumps ensures materials can be held down, due to their extreme power. Both range of CNCs can process materials such as, MDF, Plyboard, Chipboard, soft woods and a whole host of materials. Projects such as cabinet making, staircase building, furniture manufacturing has now become so much simpler.


From basic cuts and engraves, to 2D letter and 3D building. We offer a variety of tooling and design software to get the job done.


Contact us today to discuss any of our products or applications in more detail. A member of our team is waiting to take your call.