An Oculus laser cutting machine offers superb cutting and engraving and can not be beaten on price. With various sizes, they are suitable for craft makers through to various different manufacturing plants.

Oculus 6090 CO2 Laser

The Oculus 6090 laser cutting machine is an affordable machine, perfect for the hobbyist through to the personalised gift company.

Oculus 1390 CO2 Laser

The Oculus 1390 is our medium size laser cutter/engraver.  Available with 100w or 130w tube, this machine is our most popular laser.

Oculus 1512 CO2 Laser

The Oculus 1512 laser is powerful and produces outstanding cuts and engraving, making it perfect for signage and education.

Oculus 1690 CO2 Laser

The Oculus 1690 laser is suitable for materials such as, MDF, plastics, acrylic, foam, wood and many more.

Oculus 1325 Flat Bed Laser

The Oculus 1325 is ideal for larger sheets and is popular with rubber & plastic fabrication, and exhibition builders.

Oculus 2030 Flat Bed Laser

The Oculus 2030 Flat Bed Laser is a large machine with powerful attributes, perfect for bigger projects.