An Olympus CNC router success story

At Opus CNC, we always look forward to hearing back from our wonderful customers and seeing how they are progressing with their machines.

From bespoke chef’s knives, to luxury campervan conversions, our highly versatile laser machines and CNC routers have been purchased and used to manufacture all manner of brilliant creations.

Perhaps amongst the most unique of those creations is that of Sawdust and Rainbows in Ballygowan, Northern Ireland who specialise in creating elite indoor climbing frames for children.

Rosie, the owner of Sawdust and Rainbows, recently shared how pivotal her Olympus CNC router has been in revolutionising the way her team manufactures its products and how it has helped the business to flourish beyond even her own expectations.

Rosie says, without her CNC router from Opus CNC, she simply couldn’t cope and is now hoping to use it to experiment on new ideas in the near future.

The team at Opus CNC would like to say a big thank you to Rosie for her lovely feedback and are thrilled to hear of her success story with one of our machines.

We can’t wait to see what new, exciting items Sawdust and Rainbows conjures up next with the Olympus CNC router.