Endless possibilities with the Olympus CNC router

Another Olympus CNC router has safely left the warehouse for its new home in Bristol.

The Olympus 1530 joins campervan conversion specialists The Bristol Camper Company to assist in producing a whole range of parts used, predominantly, to convert Volkswagen vehicles into campervans.

The team at Opus CNC never cease to be amazed by the creativity and inventiveness of our customers.

The innovative nature and multi-purpose design of our Olympus CNC router has seen this highly popular machine go on to manufacture all manner of bespoke products, from elite children’s play equipment and cosmetic product shelving racks, to conveyor belts and exhibition stands, and everything else in between.

The Olympus CNC is capable of processing a wide selection of hard and soft materials, including MDF, acrylic, aluminium, polycarbonate, and polypropylene, meaning the potential for what this high end router can produce is unlimited.

For more information, or to make an enquiry on how the Olympus CNC router can benefit your business, why not contact the team at info@opuscnc.co.uk, or give us a call at 0800 056 0404.