Materials & Applications

Our multi-purpose CNC routers and laser machines are suitable for use with a wide variety of materials and are ideal for fulfilling a broad range of applications:


Our robust machines ensure sheets of wood, such as MDF, plywood and chipboard, of various sizes are held down securely. Cabinet makers, staircase manufacturers and furniture builders are just some of those who could hugely benefit.


From 2D lettering to 3D signs, we offer a variety of additional tooling and design software which is ideal for a range of signmaking processes. Dibond, acrylic, vinyl, and more, can be processed with speed, and ease with our range of machines.


Plylining software is available with all of our CNC routers, making manufacturing plylining kits quick, easy and economical. The Olympus CNC and Pegasus ATC are an ideal addition to any plylining fabricator looking for a high precision router.


Schools, colleges and universities can benefit from the Oculus laser machine in their design and technology departments. These laser machines can be used to teach manufacturing techniques, as well as assisting with student projects.


The Pegasus ATC router is unsurpassed when it comes to using non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel and copper. Engineers, aerospacers, marine manufacturers, and many others, could benefit from this high end router.

Exhibition Stands

Ideal for cutting large sheets of materials such as foamex, MDF and acrylic, our high end machines offer many advantages to exhibition and events specialists. Designed to maximise productivity, stands can be made quickly and easily. 

Plastic Fabricators

Acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, foamex, and many more materials are cut with precision, versatility and speed with our CNC routers. The Olympus CNC and Pegasus ATC are ideal for any plastic fabricator looking for a high end router.

Arts, Crafts and Hobbyists

From personalised gifts, to papercafts, to wooden models, our laser machines are perfect for producing a broad range of intricate cuts and engraves. Wood, plastic, rubber, card, slate, leather and more, can all be processed with ease and speed.