Materials & Applications

We have a vast array of knowledge when it comes to the various range of applications suitable for our portfolio of CNC routers.


The Olympus and Pegasus range are highly valuable in the woodworking industry. The 3 phase vacuum pumps ensure materials can be held down, due to their extreme power. Both ranges of CNCs can process materials such as, MDF, Plyboard, Chipboard, soft woods and a whole host of materials. Projects such as cabinet making, staircase building, furniture manufacturing has now become so much simpler.


From basic cuts and engraves, to 2D letter and 3D building; we offer a variety of machinery and design software to ensure production is effortless. Acrylic, Vinyl, Foamex and many more materials can be processed, from large signs to intricate designs easily with clarity and accuracy.


Plylining software is available with all of our CNC and ATC routers, making the manufacturing of plylining kits easy and economical. The Olympus CNC and Pegasus ATC are an ideal addition to any plylining fabricator.


A vast array of schools and universities benefit from using our Oculus laser machines in their design and tech departments. These laser machines are used to teach students manufacturing techniques, along with project work. As safety is paramount, we ensure all our laser machines are fitted with safety devices to prevent students from accessing the machines, whilst the laser is in use.


The Pegasus ATC is unsurpassed when it comes to using non-ferrous metals such as, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and copper. Industries such as, Engineering, Aerospace and Marine manufacturing all benefit from our CNC routers where quality is of supreme importance.

Exhibition Stands:

Our CNC routers are more than suitable in the manufacturing of exhibition stands. Many of our customers in this industry have benefitted in the cutting and engraving on materials such as, Foamex, MDF, Acrylic and many more. They are thrilled with the finish and are astonished with the speediness which enables production to be increased.

Plastic Fabricators:

Acrylic, PETg, Polycarbonate, polypropene, foamex etc are cut with precision, versatility and speed and the Olympus CNC and Pegasus ATC are an ideal addition to any plastic fabricating manufacturer.


Personalised gifts has increased in popularity and our Oculus laser range produces personalised gifts effectively and instantly. Wedding invitations, decorations and supplies can be engraved and customised with simplicity. Materials such as, paper, card, cloth, glass, leather, wood, plywood, slate, mdf, and acrylic can be processed with ease. Endless possibilities of design and personalisation is possible.

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