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Olympus 2030 CNC Router Install

Monday, January 20th, 2020

Already an owner of one of our Oculus laser machines, Aqua Plastics in Leeds upgraded their out of date CNC router for one of the Olympus 2030 CNC router machines. With the latest technology and the solidly built frame, this Olympus CNC router will bring production times down, allowing an increase in fabrication, while confidence in its longevity remains.

Pegasus 2030 Select with Drill Head

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

This Pegasus Select 2030 ATC router with drill head has been commissioned and training completed for this London based cabinet maker. This fantastic piece of machinery will bring production in-house with faster production times. This is due to the industry leading HSD 9kW spindle and the 8 piece automatic tool change facility. High speed processing with multiple tool types will be carried out with precision and speed with this Pegasus ATC Router.


The 9 piece drill head attachment sits alongside the Italian 9kW HSD spindle. This will allow rapid drilling and peck drilling of multiple sizes, without the need to carry out a tool change.


The Pegasus 2030 CNC router will accept material up to 2070mm x 3050mm, making it perfect for jumbo sheets.

Oculus 6090 Laser Install

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

This Manchester based couple are taking the plunge into the unknown with the help of the Oculus 6090 laser. The versatility, precision and ease of use of this free standing laser will be the perfect machine to get this customer and their new personalised gift and craft business off the ground.

The Oculus 6090 laser machine is a popular model for start ups and hobbyists, as well as schools and universities.