Pegasus 1313 ATC Router Install

Opus CNC was thrilled to return to bespoke kitchen knife makers Savernake Knifes in Marlborough, Wiltshire this week, to complete the second of two machine installations. With the Oculus fibre marking laser already in good use engraving onto a range of stainless steel blades, the Pegasus 1313 ATC router has now been added to complete the production of Savernake’s knife handles. With a wide choice of different handles available, the Pegasus 1313 is the perfect choice for processing a wide choice of different woods and other materials. With both machines now working in tow, the Oculus marking fibre laser and Pegasus 1313 ATC router will completely reinvent the way Savernake Knifes manufacture their products, bringing all new speed, ease and accuracy to their in-house production.