Oculus Fibre Laser Machine

At Opus CNC our one simple premise, to deliver and exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on providing a 1st Class service. For the novice, we guide you through the whole process, from the initial enquiry, through to the excellent aftercare we offer. For the more experienced, we listen and offer advice to cater to your needs. All of our machines are designed in the UK and are high precision, reliable and are built to last. Our main focus is to ensure each and every one of our customers are confident in the use of their machine and to be able to use it to its optimum capabilities and to provide priority aftercare, if the need arises.
Fibre Laser cutting systems use a low-maintenance solid-state laser source to generate a high power laser beam that is delivered through fibre optic cable to the laser cutting head. This fibre transfers the beam with a beam quality tailored for cutting metal. The fibre laser can cut through nearly any type of metal quickly and easily, with high precision and accuracy. The bed of our Fibre Lasers incorporate a unique steel grid, which adds high-precision cutting capability ensuring superior cut quality and tolerance.
For Cutting Metal Sheet Processing, Advertising, Cabinet Mechanism Parts, Kitchenware, Mechanical, Metal Craft Work, Electronic Parts, Springs, Circuit Boards, Medical Microelectronics, Hardware and many more
Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Spring Steel, Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy, Galvanised Sheets, Copper, Silver, Gold, Titanium, Pipes, Tubes and many more
Sizes Available
Machines can be made to order
Laser Powers
300w – 500w – 750w – 1000w
Prices start from as little as £39,999 plus vat