CNC Routers


Olympus CNC


The Olympus CNC router is the entry-level CNC router machine which caters to many industries such as, Signage, Exhibition Stands, Education, Sets & Scenes, Point of Sale, Packaging, Engineering and many more.

Renowned for its unparalleled speed and precision, this powerful machine makes light work of profiling a large selection of materials, including most woods, plastics and, soft metals.

The easy to use Olympus CNC router is suitable for users of all levels, from the beginner to the experienced user.

The Olympus CNC range is available in a variety of sizes and is also available with bespoke measurements.


Olympus Select


The Olympus Select CNC router offers the same specification as the Olympus CNC, but with the ability to customise with your choice of bespoke tool attachment, such as an oscillating blade, tangential knife, creasing wheel, drill head, rotary device or CCD camera system.

The specialist attachments are suitable for cutting materials such as foam, gasket, mylar, leather, cardboard, card, rubber, silicon and textiles.

Woodworkers can benefit from the drill head, which allows for various holes to be drilled in one process.

The Olympus Select CNC router can be fully tailored to best suit you and your individual machining needs.


Pegasus ATC


The Pegasus Automatic Tool Change CNC router is the upgraded version of the Olympus CNC router but has the added benefit of the industry-leading Italian HSD 9kW spindle, enhanced Servo drive system and a choice of linear or carousel tool change facility. 


The functionality of the control system allows dominance over offsets, file manipulation, process speeds and also tool length and wear compensation.


The Pegasus ATC is a robust, sturdy, reliable CNC router which can handle even the most challenging jobs.  


With a choice of up to 20 automatic tool change positions, the Pegasus ATC router is a perfect choice for many industries.


Pegasus Select


The Pegasus Select ATC CNC router is the same as the Pegasus ATC router but has the option to fully customise with a choice from the range of bespoke tool attachments.

 The Select option includes either an Oscillating Blade, Tangential Knife, Creasing Wheel, CCD Camera system, Rotary device or a drill head.


The Pegasus Select ATC CNC router is ideal for use with more specific materials and applications, such as fabrics or harder, heavier materials than standard tools are able to accommodate.


The Pegasus Select ATC CNC router is available with up to 20 automatic tool change positions, enabling automated tool change in seconds, saving time and labour