Pegasus ATC

The Pegasus ATC router is the more advanced CNC router, with 9kw Italian spindle and 8 automatic tool change facilities, making numerous processes in one job, simple. Ideal for exhibition stands, signage and much more.

Pegasus 1325 ATC

The Pegasus 1325 with a bed size of 1300 x 2500 with high quality automatic tool change and 8 tool holders is ideal for signage.

Pegasus 1530 ATC

The Pegasus 1530 ATC range makes multiple processes easy. With a 9kW Italian spindle and built to last base, this CNC router is high quality, yet affordable.

Pegasus 2030 ATC

The Pegasus 2030 ATC is suitably one of the best in its class. With 2m x 3m bed, it is ideal for those larger materials.

Pegasus 2040 ATC

The Pegasus 2040 ATC CNC router provides excellent accuracy and precision and is one of our larger CNC router machines.  

Pegasus 2060 ATC

The Pegasus 2060 ATC is our largest CNC router, with a bed size of 2m x 6m. This powerful machine will process many materials and at many sizes.

Pegasus 5 Axis ATC

The Pegasus 5 Axis ATC is predominantly used for mould making, machining moulds in wood, resin tooling board, EPS and composites.