Olympus Select CNC


Olympus Select

The Olympus Select CNC router machine is the same specification as the Olympus model, but with specialised attachments included such as a tangential knife, oscillating blade, creasing wheel, CCD camera system or the drill head.

Available Sizes

The Olympus Select CNC is available in bespoke sizes, along with our standard models:

Olympus 1313:  1300 x 1300 mm
Olympus 1325:  1300 x 2500 mm
Olympus 1530:  1525 x 3050 mm
Olympus 2030:  2100 x 3050 mm
Olympus 2040:  2000 x 4000 mm
Olympus 2060:  2000 x 6000 mm


Technical Info:

Gantry Height:  200mm as standard, with upgrades up to 900mm
Spindle Information:  24000rpm | 6kW water-cooled
Extraction System:  3kW twin bag extraction included
Control System:  Digit Signal Processor – DSP Controller
Inverter:  Taiwan DELTA
Drives & Motors:  Stepper drives and motors
XY Structure:  Helical rack and HIWIN linear bearing
Z Structure:  TBI MOTION ball screw and HIWIN linear bearing
Control System:  DSP Hand Controller
Working Voltage:  240v Single phase or 415v three phase
Specialised Attachment:  Tangential Knife, Oscillating Blade, Creasing Wheel,  CCD Camera System or Drill Head


Perfect For:


Many industries benefit from bringing production in-house allowing for control of production. The Olympus CNC router has improved manufacturing for many industries such as engineering, signage, gasket manufacturers, packaging, joinery, kitchen and staircase builders, along with rubber manufacturers.


The flexibility of the Olympus Select CNC allows many materials to be processed such as MDF, Ply, Wood, Laminate, Acrylic, DiBond, Rubber, Flexiteek, Lead, Aluminium, Foam, Corian, Flexiglass, Brass, Vinyl, Card, Formica, Bakelite, Tressa, Polycarbonate, UPVC, Corrugated Plastic, Foamboard, Leather, Polypropylene, ModelBoard, Vermiculite, Polystyrene, Hard and Soft PVC, Fibreboard, Nylon, Textiles and Fibreglass Composites.