Hirex Ltd

The machine itself has honestly changed the way that we look at jobs, we have been able to create things that would not have been possible before and it feels like the possibilities are endless. It has open so many doors for us and changed the way we manufacture everything.

The machine is very well built and all aspects seem to work seamlessly. The 3 x 2 Metre vacuum bed is unbelievably strong and makes holding the material down a doddle even when profiling smaller items. We predominantly use the machine to profile large quantities of 18mm MDF and Pegasus 2030 does this with ease. Things that would have taken us 2-3 hours in the past are now taking 10-20 minutes.

The machine feels powerful when it needs and also delicate when the job requires it. The 8 pcs Auto tool changer works effortlessly and allows for us to perform multi different application on the same job without the need to keep manually changing the tool, Which again saves a massive amount of time.

If you are in any doubt whether to purchase one of Opus’s machines I can honestly say DO IT! I can not stress enough how much this has changed production for us and we could have not asked for a better company to purchase from.