From laser cutters to CNC routers, we have you covered!

Pegasus ATC CNC Router

Laser Cutters

Laser cutters for schools are one of Opus CNC’s speciality. The Oculus range of laser cutters has been installed into schools and universities throughout the UK in many departments. Opus CNC is one of the leading suppliers of laser cutters for schools in the UK. Designs are brought to life with the easy to use Oculus laser range for many budding designers and engineers. They are ideal for cutting and engraving many media intricately and with precision. Cylindrical items can also be etched by using the optional rotary attachment. 

We take safety very seriously, and on every laser cutter, we have an automatic safety shut-off function. This function stops the laser immediately should any little wandering fingers try and open the cover.​



Design & Technology



CNC Routers

CNC routers are popular amongst universities to produce 2D and 3D objects from wood, plastics, foam and many more materials. Universities and schools across the world have produced many prototypes using their CNC machines. The Olympus range and our Pegasus CNC routers are popular in architecture, woodworking, physics and engineering, for projects and research and development.​

Students can also use the CNC machine comfortably, and this is due to the extensive training we provide, as well as the machines being easy to use. Machine and software training consists of outlining the full capabilities and limitations that are achievable and offered to students and teachers. We will also guide you through the necessary housekeeping to ensure the machine continues to run optimally.​

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