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Please feel free to check out the multiple video sections below. Various materials are going through many processes such as cutting, routing or engraving. Should you require a demonstration showing a specific material or technique, please feel free to get in touch.

Oculus Laser Cutter Videos

Engraving Slate

Engraving using the Rotary Device

Cutting 5mm Acrylic

Engraving Glass

Engraving Card

Step-by-step alignment guide

Oculus Fibre Laser Videos

Oculus Fibre Cutting Mild Steel

Oculus Fibre Cutting Titanium

Oculus Fibre Cutting Aluminium

Olympus CNC Router Videos

Cutting 18mm MDF

Engraving and Cutting diBond

Routing 18mm MDF

Routing 12mm Plywood

Cutting 10mm Foamex

Olympus CNC Router Testing

Pegasus ATC CNC Router Videos

Routing and Cutting Acrylic

Cutting Foam

Routing and Cutting Corian

Cutting 12mm Polypropylene

Routing Model Board

Pegasus ATC Router Testing