Opus PRO Control System

The all new Opus PRO control system is now available on all Olympus PRO and Olympus ATC CNC routers. The Opus PRO control system has been developed in-house in the UK by our team of engineers. It has been designed to suit the inexperienced, as well as those familiar with CNC routers.

All of the Olympus PRO and ATC CNC routers include the quick-release 9kW HQD spindle. For the Olympus PRO CNC router without the automatic tool change function, you can quickly change tools at the click of a button on the Opus PRO controller.

For the Olympus ATC CNC router, the Opus PRO makes changing tools even easier with its tool setup library.

All Opus PRO hand controllers include full LCD colour display.

Directional Functions

The Servo drive system is optimally tuned to achieve smooth acceleration and drive in all axis.


Repeatability is permitted with the Opus PRO contoller. The buttons enable to user to program repeatable functions.

Spindle Speeds

Spindle speeds can be optimally controlled in 1 rpm increments to get the exact rotational tool speeds. 

Dynamic Tool Change

Effortless and accurate control over the tool changes are achievable with the Opus PRO algorithm.

Advanced Processing

Inclusive of time-saving features such as breakpoint, array, mirror and repeat processing.

Automatic Surface Milling

Skimming the bed with a click of a button, rather than manually programming in the software.