The Importance of Maintenance

Pegasus ATC Router

CNC Machine Maintenance


Clean the bed regularly, ideally after each job and ensure the CNC router is clean from dust and grime.



Ensure lubricating stations are at the correct level. Airline oil can be used to top up the lubrication stations.



We recommend cleaning collets and nuts and check the tooling is not too worn. Tools should be replaced when worn.


Loose Parts

Switch the machine off and check there are no loose parts at the end of the day.  If so, tighten any loose screws and bolts.



Lubricate and clean the rails; this prevents the bearings from being compromised by dust particles. Cleaning the rails will increase the lifespan of the bearings.



Vacuum pump filters should be checked and free from dust. Loss of suction may occur when dust and grime, especially from MDF clog up the vacuum pumps.


Control Box

Clean the inside of the control box from time to time. Always ensure the CNC router is switched off at the wall at all time.


To summarise, a routine should be in place either daily or monthly for general housekeeping. Educate your machine operators to appreciate the importance of good housekeeping. Also, we recommend daily checks for most housekeeping, primarily if the machine is in use for long periods. The housekeeping will reduce the potential for breakdowns and subsequent downtime. Not carrying out the maintenance on the CNC router or laser machine can also affect the warranty.