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Olympus 1325 ATC CNC Router Installation in Washington

Olympus ATC CNC Router Installation in Washington
Machine:  Olympus 1325 ATC CNC router
Industry:  Floral Industry
Location:  Washington, Tyne and Wear

An Olympus ATC CNC router installation at a dynamic Washington company is now complete.

While the machine is all set up, we’re waiting to kick things into high gear with training as soon as their space is fully prepared.

This heavy-duty industrial router will soon be a key player in their manufacturing process. Its linear automatic tool changer and 9kW spindle will our local customer to help boost their productivity.

Our commitment to our local customer is unwavering. We are here to partner with them through this phase and beyond, ensuring they not only maximize the benefits of their new equipment but also feel fully supported in their journey towards operational excellence.

Contact us to learn more if you want to enhance your operations with some of the best CNC technology available:

Tel: 0191 3865303
Email: sales@opuscnc.co.uk
Web: www.opuscnc.co.uk

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