CNC Routers

CNC routers provide high precision routing of materials such as wood, foam, plastics and acrylic for signmakers, education and engineering.

Olympus CNC

The Olympus range is ideal for the novice, through to the experienced user. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole processes this CNC router has to offer from point of sale, through to extensive training.

Olympus Select

If you are looking for a CNC router with oscillating blade, tangential knife or creasing wheel, then the Olympus Select range is the perfect CNC router. This CNC router is high quality, with a 6kw spindle and built to last base.

Pegasus ATC

The Pegasus ATC router is the more advanced CNC router, with 9kw Italian spindle and 8 automatic tool change facilities, making numerous processes in one job, simple. Ideal for exhibition stands, signage and more.

Pegasus Select

The Pegasus Select ATC is the upgraded version of our Pegasus ATC, with added benefit of having the oscillating blade, tangential knife or creasing wheel. This high end CNC router will ensure productivity is maximum.

Laser Machines

CNLaser machines can be used for precision cutting or engraving on materials such as leather, plastics, textiles and wood. They're perfect for signmakers through to home hobbyists.

Oculus Benchtop

The Oculus benchtop laser is ideal for home hobbyists, education, personalised gift companies and more. These reliable cutting and engraving machines deliever speed, precision and accuracy.

Oculus Free-Standing

If you are Our laser cutting machines offer superb cutting and engraving and cannot be beaten on price. With various sizes, they are suitable for craft makers, through to various manufacturing plants.

Oculus Flatbed

The If you are looking for a high precision flatbed laser machine, the Oculus flatbed laser is for you. These flatbed laser machines are available in several sizes or can be made to bespoke orders.